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Esma Eliza Towle was born at Orchards, Wash., on October 6th, 1901, where she spent the first 3 years of her life, and then moved to Gilliam County, Ore., where the next six years were spent.  At the expiration of this time she returned again with her parents to Orchards, where she lived continuously for the past eight years, until her translation from earth to heaven, which took place shortly after midnight on the morning of April 7th, 1919.  Deceased was a member of the Methodist Church at Proebestel, Wash., since childhood, in which Church she rendered most valued service, as superintendent of the Cradle Roll Department, and as teacher in the Sunday School, in addition to filling the position of organist in both Church and Sunday School.  She was possessed of an amiable disposition, being more concerned about the needs of others than her own, always cheerful and optimistic.

She was a devoted Christian and so lived before the world that none could question the reality of her profession.  The high respect in which she was held, not only by the Church members, but by the entire community, was seen in the unusually large congregation that assembled to pay a final tribute to her sainted life, and by the many floral offerings that were in evidence.  The services were held in the local Church, by the pastor, who used Rev. 22:24, as illustrating conditions in the future life of the departed.  Following this the mortal remains of the deceased were laid to rest in the local cemetery [Sifton Cemetery], to await the reurection [sic] of the just.

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