The Ancestors of

Alice Mae Judson


This page traces five generations of Alice Mae Judson's ancestors following the WELLES line.  The numbers for each generation follows that of the JUDSON line.  This page follows the ninth and tenth generation of Alice Mae's genealogy.

Some of the spouses have a hyperlink attached to their names.  Following this link will give information on that line.  Those pages will be set up just like this one.

The spelling of the name WELLES changed over time.  The spelling shown under each generation is how I found it in genealogy records.

Under listings of children, details beyond birth and death information is given only on those on Alice Mae Judson's direct line.  That information is in bold face.

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(spouse unknown)


Robert WELLYS.

  1. Thomas, burried August 30, 1558 in Stourton, Wichford, Warwickshire, England, m. {1} Elizabeth, {2} Elizabeth Bryan.

  2. Walter

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Thomas Welles and Elizabeth.

  1. Ann.

  2. Robert, baptised November 6, 1540 in Stourton, Wichford, Warwickshire, buried September 24, 1617 in Wichfield, Warwickshire, m. Alice.

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Robert WELLES and Alice.

  1. Thomas, b.1590 in Stourton, Whickford, Warwickshire, d. January 14, 1659 (?) in Wethersfield, Connecticut, m. {1} July, 1615 in Long Marston, Gloucestershire to Alice TOMES, b. 1592 in Long Marstin, Gloucestershire, d. 1640 in Hartford, Connecticut, {2} 1646 to Elizabeth (Deming) Foote.

  2. Robert, d. 1628.

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Thomas WELLES and Alice TOMES, first 7 births took place in Burmington, Warwickshire, last born in Hartford, Connecticut.

  1. Mary, b. 1618, d. July 31, 1647.

  2. Anne, b. 1620, d.1680.

  3. John, b. 1622, d. August 7, 1659.

  4. Robert, b. 1624, d. before 1635.

  5. Thomas Jr., b. 1625, d. 1668 in Hartford, Connecticut (killed in a fall from a cherry tree), m. June 23, 1654 in Hartford, Connecticut to Hannah TUTTLE, baptized January 20, 1632 (?) in Ringstead, Northamptonshire, d. August 9, 1683 in Hartford, Connecticut.

  6. Samuel, b. 1628, d. July 15, 1675.

  7. Sarah, b. 1631, d. December 12, 1698.
    Joseph, b. 1637, d. before 1660.

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Thomas WELLES Jr. and Hannah TUTTLE, all births took place in Hartford, Connecticut.

  1. Rebeckah, b. May, 1655, d. November 5, 1717 in Stratford, Connecticut, m. August 18, 1680 in Stratford, Connecticut to James JUDSON, b. April 24, 1650, d. February 25, 1721 in Stratford, Connecticut.
  2. Thomas III, b. October, 1657, d. before November 8, 1695.
  3. Sarah, b. April, 1659.
  4. Ichabod, b. November, 1660.
  5. Samuel, b. October, 1662.
  6. Jonathon, b. September, 1664, d. before October 31, 1687.
  7. Joseph, b. April, 1667, d. before June 13, 1698.

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James JUDSON and Rebeckah WELLES.

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