The Ancestors of

Alice Mae Judson


This page traces two generations of Alice Mae Judson's ancestors following the TOMLINSON line.  I've listed her ancestors starting with the most distant known generation to most recent but numbered the generations backwards, i.e., Alice Mae is the first generation, her parents are the second generation, etc.

Some of the spouses have a hyperlink attached to their names.  Following this link will give information on that line.  Those pages will be set up just like this one.

Under listings of children, details beyond birth and death information is given only on those on Alice Mae Judson's direct line.  That information is in bold face.

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Henry Tomlinson.

(spouse unknown)



  1. Bathsheba, b. January, 1660 (?), d. 1735, m. after 1680 to Ephraim STILES, b. August 3, 1645 in Windsor, Connecticut, d. June 21, 1714.
  2. Samuel.
  3. Benjamin, b. 1651.
  4. Thomas.
  5. Hannah, d. 1677.

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Ephraim STILES and Bathsheba TOMLINSON.

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